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Rolling Stone Magazine Cover (17-02-1983)Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine - Life As A Man

Michael Jackson appears on the cover of the 'Rolling Stone' magazine - 'Life As A Man' on February 17th, 1983 with inside a nice interview to Gerri Hirshey in the fall of 1982.

It’s noon, and somewhere in the San Fernando Valley interviews Gerri Hirshey Michael. It is also surprising to see that Michael has decided to face this interview alone. He says he has not done anything like this for over two years. And even when he did, it was always with a cordon of managers, other Jackson brothers and, in one case, his younger sister Janet parroting a reporter’s questions before Michael would answer them.

This magazine includes a 6-page fully-illustrated article 'Life In The Magic Kingdom' by Gerri Hirshey, with a nice cover picture of MJ in a stripy T-shirt.

Released: 17-02-1983
Language: English
Pages: 6
Printed: USA

Interview Magazine Cover (10-1982)Interview Magazine

Michael is featured on the cover of October 1982 issue of 'Interview' magazine with inside a nice interview to Bob Colacello, the interview which took place on August 20th, 1982.

Interview’s executive editor, Bob Colacello, interviewed Michael Jackson, then 23, at the condominium in the San Fernando Valley that the singer was renting with his family while their house nearby was being redecorated. They talked about his performing on stage as a child, his parents, fashion an art. (Andy Warhol called from New York midway through their conversation.)

Jackson, of course, was already famous for his work with his brothers in the Jackson Five, but his first adult solo album, 'Off The Wall' (1979), released three years earlier, had made him a star in his own right.

When this interview took place, he was at work on a storybook companion record for the Steven Spielberg film 'E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial' (1982)—hence the E.T. references—and was fielding an array of film-role offers. He was also finishing up recording 'Thriller' (1982), which would go on to become the best-selling album of all time.

Released: 10-1982
Language: English
Pages: ?
Printed: USA

NME Magazine Cover (04-04-1981)NME Magazine - Interview with Danny Baker

Michael appears on the cover of Britain's magazine 'NME' on April 4th,1981 which includes an exclusive interview with Danny Baker.

The Jacksons were promoting their 1980 album 'Triumph', featuring the hit 'Can You Feel It'. Michael Jackson had already enjoyed solo success with 'Off The Wall', but 'Thriller' and superstardom was still a year off.

Nevertheless, there was an air of mystery surrounding Michael, even then. 'NME' journalist Danny Baker had been given bizarre, cryptic warnings by Michael's PR – astrology and The Osmonds were both strictly off-limits as conversational topics.

The brothers are gathered around a table, except Jackie who sits behind on a chair and Michael who is reclining over by the wall on a square couch affair. He speaks, in his light almost feminine voice.

Strangest of all, Michael conducted the entire interview with a phone clasped to his ear. He never spoke into it, and it was never clear who – if anyone – was on the other end of the line…

This magazine includes a 4-page article with pictures of Michael and his brothers.

Released: 04-04-1981
Language: English
Pages: 4
Printed: UK

Melody Maker Magazine Cover (01-03-1980)Melody Maker - Michael In Wonderland

Michael appears on the cover of the magazine 'Melody Maker' on March 1st ,1980 with an exclusive interview.

'Melody Maker' is from the USA and is an 56-page music paper featuring a 2-page fully-illustrated 'Michael In Wonderland' article in which Steve Demorest talks about Michael to his sister Janet.

Released: 01-03-1980
Language: English
Pages: 2
Printed: USA

Black Stars Magazine Cover (11-1976)Black Stars Interview - Why Michael Is A Living Legend

Michael from the Jackson 5 appears on the cover of the magazine 'Black Stars' on November,1976 with an little interview.

Michael Jackson with the big head of hair becomes a black superstar and says each day I take time out to study the Bible, no matter where I am. The teachings of the Bible have added a new dimension to my life. It, somehow, makes me whole."

'Black Stars' features an article on MJ and how he has become a living legend.



Released: 11-1976
Language: English
Pages: ?
Printed: USA

Bluel & Soul Magazine Cover (12-03-1974)Blues & Soul - On Tour In Africa With Jackson 5

'Blues & Soul', a British music magazine of March 12th, 1974 had the best coverage I've found to date of the J5's trip to Africa.

Reporter Kwame Brathwaite offered a detailed, up-close-and-personal account of the trip he took to the Motherland aboard Pan Am Flight 184 with the Jackson 5.

Brathwaite was not just a reporter and photographer, but also a J5 fan, so he gives us all sorts of interesting details about what the trip was like. His photos offer the same level of intimacy.


Released: 12-03-1974
Language: English
Pages: 6
Printed: UK

Teen's Star Magazine Interview - Michael’s Dating Advice

Michael Jackson appears on the cover of the magazine 'Teen's Star' on August 1972 with an interview.

Michael talks about the first date, what would Michael do if he fell in love with a girl who was going steady with someone else? and what one thing in your personality would you change if you could?

Released: 08-1972
Language: English
Pages: ?
Printed: USA

Creem Magazine Cover (09-1971)Creem Magazine - Jackson 5 At Home

The Jackson 5 appears on the cover of the magazine 'Creem' on September 1971 with an interview.

Tim Tyler meets the Jackson 5 at home and talk about the first album, Diana Ross and Gary Indiana.

During his interview Jermaine talk about the memories of playing with the Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the Stairsteps who they also played basketball with. He tells Tyler they wrote they first song 'Big Boy'.

Michael tells Tyler he's learning piano and talking about his piano lessons.

Released: 09-1971
Language: English
Pages: 6
Printed: USA

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