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MTV's Total Request Live Show (07-11-2001)MTV's Total Request Live Show

Michael makes a special appearance on November 7th, 2001 at MTV's Total Request Live Show with VJ Carson Daly, which is filmed live from the MTV studio's in New York City. Michael talks about the success of his new album 'Invincible' and artists that influence him.

Interview - 1:51

Year: 07-11-2001
Broadcasted: MTV studio's in New York City
Playing time: 1:51 minutes

Michael joins Oprah & Quincy Jones (15-10-2001)Michael joins Oprah & Quincy Jones

On Monday, October 15th, 2001 – Quincy Jones appeared on the USA television show 'Oprah,' to talk about his new autobiography "Q." Michael Jackson joined the interview by telephone to congratulate him.

Interview - 2:03

Year: 15-10-2001
Broadcasted: ABC-owned stations in the United States
Playing time: 2:03 minutes

The Jacksons Interview Before 30th Anniversary (09-2001)The Jacksons Interview Before 30th Anniversary

Jodi Ross from CNN New York interviewed the Jackson brothers without Michael on the begin of September 2001. They talked about the reunion for the first time in 17 years and over the rehearsals at Neverland for the 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Interview - 2:34

Year: 09-2001
Broadcasted: CNN Studio in New York
Playing time: 2:34 minutes

MTV 100 Greatest Videos (08-12-1999)MTV 100 Greatest Videos

In conjunction with the TV Guide Interview (1999) Michael also granted an interview
with MTV (USA) Alex Colletti on December 11th, 1999.

During MTV USA's 100 Greatest Videos ever Made, an exclusive interview with Michael is also aired in this program in which he speaks about some of his videos.

Clips from the Interview were shown during their countdown to the Top Music Videos of all time on December 1999.

Interview - 11:14

Year: 11-12-1999
Broadcasted: MTV studio's in USA
Playing time: 11:14 minutes

Wetten Dass..? (20-03-1999)Wetten Dass..?

Michael Jackson appears on the German TV Show Wetten Dass..? on March 20th, 1999 to announce his plans to stage two concerts in Korea and Germany to raise funds for The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, the Red Cross and UNESCO.

Interview - 10:02

Year: 20-03-1999
Broadcasted: ZDF, German TV Station
Playing time: 10:02 minutes

Channel 7 Interview (10-07-1998)Channel 7 Interview

Michael was been interviewed by Roz Abrams for Channel 7 on July 10th, 1998 in New York.

In July 1998, Michael was on business in the United States, South Africa and Japan. Together with his business partner Don Barden, a rich African-American businessman, he pursued his projects in the entertainment industry. Ups of parks, etc...

Interview - ?

Year: 10-07-1998
Broadcasted: ?
Playing time: ? minutes

Barbara Walters Interview for ABC’s 20/20 (13-09-1997)Barbara Walters Interview for ABC’s 20/20

Michael gives an interview on September 7th, 1997 for US TV show 20/20 with Barbara Walters from his Parisian hotel. The interview was aired a few days later on September 13th on ABC.

The interview was taped earlier in the week at the George V Hotel in Paris, France and
was also broadcast in other countries, such as Germany, Canada, and Australia.
After the interview, Barbara Walters stated on the show The View, that she found Michael
to be very charming.

During this interview for ABC’s 20/20, Michael talks about Princess Diana, the paparazzi and the media.

Interview - 12:03

Year: 13-09-1997
Broadcasted: ABC-owned stations in the United States
Playing time: 12:03 minutes

NTV Japan (12-1996)NTV Japan

During the HIStory Tour in December 1999, Michael had an interview in Japan, he talks about the feeling of love he gets from fans, performing, Ghosts, Japanese people and babies, Japanese technology, writing songs and his son Prince Michael Jr.

Following the interview are a number of hysterical 'Alright On The Night' style out-takes of Michael laughing and trying so hard not too.

Interview - 8:34

Year: 12-1996
Broadcasted: Japan
Playing time: 8:34 minutes

Molly Meldrum Interview with Michael Jackson (19-11-1996)Molly Meldrum Interview with Michael Jackson

Michael granting an exclusive interview on November 19th, 1996 to Ian Molly Meldrum just minutes before his HIStory concert in Brisbane, Australia.

Michael talks about helping people through music, his fans, tabloid junk, 'Ghosts' and working with Steven King.

Interview - 7:20

Year: 19-11-1996
Broadcasted: Brisbane, Australia
Playing time: 7:20 minutes

VH1 Interview (10-11-1996)VH1 Interview (10-11-1996)

While in Thailand on November 10th, 1996, Michael does a VH1 interview while in Asia during the HIStory Tour. Michael Jackson sat down to answer some of his fans' most pressing questions, including whether 'Billie Jean' is based on a real person and if Jackson has ever felt nervous onstage.

Jackson — who was candid, good-natured and relaxed during the interview — opened up about his childhood, his music and even what he would do if given the chance to have a day off from fame.

Interview - 15:21

Year: 10-11-1996
Broadcasted: American cable television network based in New York City
Playing time: 15:21 minutes

Michael Interview with Middle-Eastern Children (07-1996)Michael Interview with Middle-Eastern Children

Michael answering questions from a group of children, ages 7 to 12 years old. The interview took place in the middle-east in July 1996. Most questions were posed to him in Arabic, Michael's answers are English, with Arabic subtitles shown on screen, and his answers are transcribed here word-for-word.

Interview - 4:31

Year: 07-1996
Broadcasted: Arabic Television in middle-east
Playing time: 4:31 minutes

MJ Changes HIStory (28-07-1995)MJ Changes HIStory

An interview of Michael by Bill Bellamy on July 28th, 1995 for part of a 20-minute special on MTV. They talk about the video 'Scream', the 'HIStory' album and the single 'You Are Not Alone'.
After the special, the short film for 'You Are Not Alone' premieres.

Interview - 20:46

Year: 28-07-1995
Broadcasted: MTV in the United States
Playing time: 20:46 minutes

Prime Time Live with Michael and Lisa Marie (14-06-1995)Prime Time Live with Michael and Lisa Marie

On June 14th, 1995 – Michael & Lisa Marie took place in the studio hall of MGM by Sony Pictures. They were interviewed by Diana Sawyer of ABC in the program Prime Time Live.

60 million viewers people tuned in as Sawyer quizzed Michael on the accusations from 1993, how he got together with Lisa Marie, footage of the ceremony at their wedding, the 'Scream' video with sister Janet, the Church of Scientology, The 'HIStory' trailer, the 'They Don't Care About Us' lyrics controversy and his skin.

Elizabeth Taylor talked of the mission she went on to help her friend and fans on the street were invited to ask questions.

Highlights from the interview:

Michael related about his childhood, the allegations, 'They Don't Care About Us' controversy, the police photographs and why he married Lisa Marie Presley.

Interview - 44:08

Year: 14-06-1995
Broadcasted: Sony Picture Studios, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Playing time: 44:08 minutes

John Norris' Trip To Neverland Ranch (26-06-1993)John Norris' Trip To Neverland Ranch

On June 26th, 1993 – Michael was interviewed by John Norris. MTV hosted a contest called My Weekend at Michael's Neverland Valley Contest.

As a part of the contest, MTV News' John Norris' was sent out to Neverland to cover the revealing of the grand-prize winner.

MTV had a contest where they asked fans to submit completed videos for the song 'Who Is It'.

Interview - 2:52

Year: 26-06-1993
Broadcasted: MTV in the United States
Playing time: 2:52 minutes

Jackson Family - Day One (11-04-1993)Jackson Family - Day One

Aired by ABC on April 11th, 1993 – The Jackson family members (Joe, Katherine, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Randy) were interviewed by Michelle McQueen, they respond to Michael's Oprah interview two months earlier. Talking about family feuding, Encino home, Jackson brothers in studio, will the Jackson brothers perform together again.

This interview was aired in 1993 soon after Michael's interview with Oprah was broadcast. In it the Jackson family discuss Michael's plastic surgery & changing skin color, Jermaine's controversial song 'Word To The Badd' and LaToya's estrangement from the family (amongst other things).

This interview includes the entire Jackson family including Joseph, Katherine, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Randy. La Toya, Marlon, Michael and Janet are not interviewed but they are the topic of discussion. Includes excerpts from 'Black Or White', 'Gone To Soon' and the 93 'Grammy Awards'.

Interview - 28:23

Year: 11-04-1993
Broadcasted: ABC-owned stations in the United States
Playing time: 28:23 minutes

Michael Talks To Oprah (10-02-1993)Michael Talks To Oprah

On February 10th,1993 visited Oprah Winfrey with a camera crew the estate Neverland, the home port of the most greatest super star in time Michael Jackson.

Michael had given for the first in 14 years an interview: now he finally wanted to make an end on all those rumours which are going around since years about him. There were a big million viewers that night, the ABC TV-special concludes with the premiere of the video 'Give In To Me'.

Interview - 65:28

Year: 10-02-1993
Broadcasted: ABC-owned stations in the United States
Playing time: 65:28 minutes

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