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Belinda DileoBelinda Dileo Asks Sheryl Crow To Stop Lying. 14-06-'21

For the last decade, Sheryl Crow, who was once a back-up singer for Michael Jackson during the Bad World Tour, has been making up stories about Michael Jackson to make her relevant and remind the world she is still there – but who really cares!

This last few days, she is at it again! This time she goes after the late Frank Dileo who was Michael Jackson manager during the period 84-89.

She claimed that Dileo has been sexually harassing her during the Tour.

For years, Michael Jackson fans have been denouncing her shady attitude to get her name in the News headlines with no evidence and some times even proving she was actually lying.

And this time, she is finding her match! Belinda Dileo, Frank's daughter, is fighting back in the name of her late father. She is asking Crow to explain why she has to drag her father in the mud when Belinda was actually around and knows the truth.

Crow is jumping on the MeToo Movement to promote live stream show. Everytime Crow has something to promote or to sell, she gets her name in the news outlets to make sure the general public sees it.

Girl, it's time you get called on your bad behaviour!

And we hope Belinda gets to talk to her and set the record straight!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

PureArts's Michael Jackson 'HIStory Teaser' Revealed. 13-06-'21

As announced few days ago, PureArts has created a new Michael Jackson figurine representing Michael Jackson during the Teaser of the 'HIStory' album.

I would like to say the figurine look absolutely amazing and well represented.

According to MJJCN's president who attended the Wonder Festival Shanghai, more affordable PVC figurines will be released but at the moment, only the high-level priced figurines will be available such as the 'Smooth Criminal' one.

HIStory Teaser StatueThe 'HIStory Teaser' statue is different, with a different scale than the 'Smooth Criminal' statue.

Fore more information about PureArts, click here.

Source: PureArts / Billie Jean

Music And Me Album CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 13-06-'21
Music And Me (Album)

'Music And Me' album of Michael Jackson was released in 1984 in Brazil by Motown/RCA.

The album has 12 tracks, 4 songs of The Jackson 5 and 8 songs of Michael's solo career are represented here.

Such hits of the J5 as 'ABC', 'I'll Be There' and hits from Michael solo like 'Got To Be There', 'One Day In Your Life', 'Ben' and ' With A Child's Heart'.

The cover of this album show us a beautiful drawing of Michael Jackson.

All songs produced by The Corporation, Sam Brown, Jerry Marcellino, Willie Hutch, Mel Larson, Hal Davis, Bobby Taylor and Berry Gordy.

Track list:

1. Got To Be There - 3:20
2. Ben - 2:43
3. ABC - The Jackson 5 - 2:56
4. Music And Me - 2:35
5. I Wanna Be Where You Are - 2:53
6. Happy - 3:19

1. One Day In Your Life - 4:12
2. I'll Be There - The Jackson 5 - 3:55
3. Goin' Back To Indiana - The Jackson 5 - 3:30
4. Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Da Day - The Jackson 5 - 3:11
5. Rockin' Robin - 2:31
6. With A Child's Heart - 3:31

Record label: Motown/RCA
Released: 1984
Series number: 104.8289
Printed: Brazil
Guide price: 140 €

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Source: Billie Jean

Sheryl Crow: 'We've Come A Long Way Since The Sexual Harassment I Endured During The Michael Jackson Tour'. 12-06-'21

Sheryl CrowIn 1987, a 25-year-old backing singer and aspiring songwriter from Missouri gatecrashed her way into the Los Angeles auditions for Michael Jackson's first ever solo world tour. "Hi Michael, my name is Sheryl Crow and I just moved here," she announced. "I'm a former music teacher and I would love to go on the road with you."

A month later Crow was onstage at the Korakuen stadium in Tokyo, her ears filled with the deafening roar of 75,000 fans. It was the first of 123 concerts over the next 16 months, during which she performed in front of a staggering 4.4 million people. Each night Crow, wearing a bustier and voluminous eighties curls, harmonised with Jackson and shared the limelight on songs like 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' and 'Man In The Mirror'” It should have been a dream come true.

"Naiveté is such a beautiful thing," says Crow, now 59, a nine-time Grammy winner and one of the most successful artists of her generation. She is speaking on a video call from her home in Nashville, her bedroom walls behind her filled with the art and arcane curios she collects from around the American south. An acoustic guitar lies at rest on the antique couch by her bed. "It was incredible in every way, shape and form for a young person from a really small town to see the world and to work with arguably the greatest pop star," she says. "But I also got a crash course in the music industry."

As the tour progressed, tabloids around the world reported rumours that Jackson was falling for his "sexy backing singer" and even that he had offered her $2m to have his child. In Crow's audiobook memoir 'Words + Music', released last September, she states her belief that these stories were most likely to have been planted by Jackson's manager, Frank DiLeo, "to make Mike look like he was interested in women."

In truth, it was DiLeo who was interested in Crow. He subjected her to sustained sexual harassment throughout the tour, promising to make her a star while threatening that if she refused, or told anyone, he would ensure her career was over before it had really begun. She had never spoken in detail about her experiences with DiLeo prior to 'Words + Music', but two songs on her 1993 debut album made reference to him: "What I Can Do For You', written from the perspective of a powerful abuser, and the stream-of-consciousness 'The Na-Na Song', which includes the defiant couplet: "Frank DiLeo's dong / Maybe if I'd have let him I'd have had a hit song'.

"It's really interesting to go back and revisit some of this old stuff and the experiences that went along with it, and then to compare it with where we are now," says Crow. "To be able to play that stuff about the long bout of sexual harassment I endured during the Michael Jackson tour and to talk about it in the midst of the MeToo movement... it feels like we've come a long way, but it doesn't feel like we're quite there yet."

When the Michael Jackson tour ended in 1989, Crow returned home to her tiny LA apartment and fell into a lengthy period of depression. A high-powered attorney she'd hired told her she should have put up with DiLeo's advances given what he could offer her. From the inside, the music industry didn't look anything like she'd expected.

Source: The Independent / Billie Jean

Billie Jean Video Clip'Billie Jean' Hts 1 Billion Views On YouTube! 10-06-'21

Another landmark figure for the 'King of Pop' has been achieved today! Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' has passed the billion views on YouTube.

This is the first time for Michael Jackson to get that many views and for a video that was first aired in 1983!

Michael Jackson has now entered a very private club: the Billion View Club. The first member was 'Gangnam Style' in 2012 followed years later by Justin Bieber's 'Baby' in 2015.

Now, all the videos in that club are from an age of digital and to have an artist like Michael Jackson entering the club with a 80s video is a prowess!

A huge thanks to all the Michael Jackson fans who have been working hard to make this happened, from viewing the video to promoting the campaign! Well done all! Michael would have been so proud!


Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

PureArts And The Michael Jackson Estate To Celebrate 'HIStory' In 2022? 10-06-'21

PureArts TeaserPureArts, the Chinese company that made the 'Smooth Criminal' figurines revealed in 2020 and on sale this year, just made a teaser imagery of what they will unveiled this year at the Wonder Festival Shanghai taking place virtually on June 13/14.

As usual, the products showcased at the festival will be released the following year so expect this product(s) to hit the market in 2022.

And from the teaser graphic, we give you Michael Jackson 'HIStory Teaser' figurine! Prices haven't been confirmed but expect prices to be between $500 and $1,500.

Following the FAQ on michaeljackson.com, the Estate did say:

"Although they were never announced, the Estate had plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 'HIStory' album this year, but because of COVID-19, those plans had to be modified. So, while we still have plans to celebrate 'HIStory' with appropriate audio and audiovisual elements, we don't believe in making announcements until we are in a position to share all of the relevant details. It is our hope that the world will open up again soon, and allow our creators to finish their work."

Is 2022 will be the year to celebrate Michael Jackson"s 'HIStory'? Time will tell.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Hector Barjot Show: The Last Unboxing Of The Season!. 09-06-'21


Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson In The Top 5 Most Valuable Music Publishing Catalogs. 08-06-'21

Michael JacksonForbes just released a list of most valuable music publishing catalogs in the world.

While it is clear that Michael Jackson should have been on the top of the list, but due to the ATV catalog being sold to Sony in 2018, he gets second place.

Still, Michael gain around 26 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone and his Music Publishing Company MIJAC Music get 2nd place from the valuation of industry experts. MIJAC still own songs from Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley.

Here the 5 most valuable music publishing catalogs according to experts in the music industry:

John Lennon and Paul McCartney – $500 million
Michael Jackson – $375 million
Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II – $350 million
Bob Dylan – £325 million
Paul Simon – $250 million

Source: Forbes / Billie Jean

You Can't Win Maxi-Single CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 06-06-'21
You Can't Win (Maxi-Single)

'You Can't Win' is the second single of 'The Wiz' album also from Michael's first film, 'The Wiz'.

The maxi-single was released on January 10th, 1979 in the USA by Epic (no UK release).

'You Can't Win' is originally performed by Michael in the movie, 'The Wiz' - premiered in Los Angeles in October 1978.

Not featured on the Broadway musical on which the film was based - written especially for Michael's part as the Scarecrow.

The song was written by Charlie Smalls and produced by Quincy Jones.

'You Can't Win' was distributed under Epic Records and was Jackson's first solo single issued by the company after Epic executives signed him and his brothers to the label in 1976.

The maxi-single has 2 part's.

Track list:

1. You Can't Win (Part 1) - 7:14

1. You Can't Win (Part 2) - 2:58

Record label: Epic
Released: 10-01-1979
Series number: 28-50658
Printed: USA

Guide price: 25 €

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Source: Billie Jean

Stranger In Moscow (Promo #1) Maxi-Single CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 06-06-'21
Stranger In Moscow (Promo #1) [Maxi-Single]

'Stranger In Moscow' promo #1 maxi-single of Michael Jackson's album 'Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix' was released in August 1997 in the USA by Epic and made available to radio stations and nightclubs.

The track was written by Jackson in 1993, at the height of the highly publicized child abuse accusations made against him, while on tour in Moscow. 'Stranger In Moscow' was produced by Quincy Jones and Michael.

The promo maxi-single housed in a white sleeve with custom sticker on front. The maxi-single contains 4 remixes of 'Stranger Of Moscow' made by Todd Terry, Basement Boys, Hani and Charles "The Mixologist" Roane.

In the United Kingdom, 'Stranger In Moscow' promo 1 maxi-single was released in September 1996 by Epic.

Track list:

1. Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix) - 6:54
2. Stranger In Moscow (Basement Boys 12" Club Mix) - 8:18

1. Stranger In Moscow (Hani's Num Club Mix) - 10:15
2. Stranger In Moscow (Charle's Roane's Full R&B Mix) - 4:39

Record label: Epic
Released: 08-1997
Series number: EAS 8337
Printed: USA
Guide price: 25 €

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Source: Billie Jean

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